Pest control tips

Pest control can be very easy through the use of pesticides by following some of the common Do It Yourself (DIY) methods. However, pest control at home with no training can lead to some health complications due to the harmful nature of some strong pesticides. However, some pest control methods do not involve the use of pesticides. Below are some tips on how to safely carry out pest control:

Cleanliness and hygiene

One of the most common things attracting pests is dirt and germs, especially in the kitchen or bathroom area. Through regular cleaning and maintenance of hygiene, pests can be kept away.

Regular disposing of trash: Pests tend to look for food in the garbage as they survive on leftovers. To keep pests away, regularly disposing of trash is a very important step.

Regular vacuum cleaning

Most insect pests like cockroaches, fleas, or ticks hide in carpets, coaches, or other forms of furniture, making them hard to detect. Regular vacuum cleaning will help keep them away.

Fixing trap nets

Trap nets can be fixed on windows to help prevent flying insect pests like houseflies, fruit flies, and many others from entering the house.

Getting rid of stagnated water

Stagnant water acts as a habitat or breeding ground for some pests. Avoiding stagnated water is also an important pest control tip.

Avoid hoarding

Hoarded materials can act as a hiding place for pests, especially rodents like rats and mice. To be on the safe side, ensure all the non-useful items are kept outside the house to prevent pest infestation.